About Lotteries

Why does Lotto Direct need to know my location?

SLGA requires that all ticket purchases take place within the province of Saskatchewan.

Can I participate in the raffles if I live out of province?

Yes. As long as you are in the province of Saskatchewan upon time of purchase you may participate in the raffle. Winnings can be claimed outside of province.

How do I turn on location services?

About Lotto Direct

What is Lotto Direct?

Lotto Direct makes it easy for charities to host a fund raising raffle. It provides an alternative business module process to qualified and registered charity organizations to hold and manage online raffle without the high cost of commission fees. Yes that is right, you keep all the money you raise.

Is Lotto Direct the right choice for me?

Lotto Direct is an online platform that allows you to setup and manage your qualified online raffles for your organization. If you run multiple raffles throughout the year, have yearly scheduled raffles, or your raffle has a large prize pool then Lotto Direct is definitely your best choice.

What makes Lotto Direct different from other lottery applications?

No Commission Fees!! Our business module provides organizations with an unlimited use of the software program. We don't charge by a per-use basis, that means if you run multiple raffles or just one, there is no scaled cost based on prize pool.

How do I collect money for the ticket sales online?

The application uses PayPal for all online transactions. You simply fill out your application provided to you and we do the rest. All purchases are now collected directly into your account.